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It’s not every day you see a 10 colour process printing specification, but when you’re talking diction, the colour must be bitchin.

With its ├╝ber edge, esoteric subtext and witty repartee, Enamel Diction consists of over 50 pages of eye popping colour, taking a contemporary look at how people express their personality through their nail polish.

With references to music, literature, movies, pop culture and fashion, not everyone will get it (and we are more than OK with that), but we know you will.

For a girl in any city, Enamel Diction features the full spectrum of nail colours including fluros and metallics and looks beyond the gloss to look at what each enamel colour means to its dictator.

The writing is witty and the graphics are pretty. Centred around positive self expression, Enamel Diction is refreshingly real and not a typical fru fru style fashion book.

We searched the globe to find the right designer for the project and came across Love Child, not only was their work amazing but we felt a connection. Their interpretation of the copy is fashion forward and on point, a brain child of passion and love. Also supported by Spicers Paper, Enamel Diction is set to speak volumes. Yo DJ, spin that wheel!

Spoken by THE INITIATIVE you can purchase Enamel Diction here.


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It's been a while we know, but we're back and it seems everyone is talking about it.

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